XSpectra - a new generation of x-ray inspection systems
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The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 849381.

Safety comes first

The development of baggage screening technology has developed together with the ever-changing security needs of modern travel. Essentially there are 4 major systems available for the inspection of screened baggage, including: manual hand search; sniffer dogs; trace explosives detection; automated X-ray inspection. The objective of such security systems is to identify the presence of dangerous objects and substances.

The security sector refers here to X-ray machines for baggage screening. The X-ray machine market is constantly expanding due to increasing terrorist threats and technological progress for the detection of dangerous materials. For equipment to fit security needs, it should have a high probability of detection and a very low false alarm rate. Meanwhile, the security check should not unduly interrupt the flow of passengers and cause long security queues.

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Real-time controls for secure, fast and efficient security controls

Unfortunately, current technologies often label benign objects as threats (i.e. false positive detection). From X-ray inspection, explosives can for example appear to look like every day organic but benign items. The luggage should then be checked in manually, which cause delays for passengers and airlines.

Given the current situation, our innovative inspection XSpectra® makes it possible to go the extra mile, combining different technologies and their benefits. As the luggage progresses on a conveyor belt, XSpectra® is able to characterise precisely, accurately and quickly the materials inspected and therefore to drastically reduce the false positives: While meeting the latest security standards, the XSpectra® solution allows to minimise passenger hassle. This system can be applied in any environment where reliable security checks are needed, without interrupting the flow of people.

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