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The world is changing

Around the turn of the 21st century, trade in goods and services had developed on a global scale. Nowadays, farmers and food manufacturers may well have their main customers on another continent. However, consumers continue to expect high-quality food products. They are so accustomed to getting any product they desire that they often forget the complicated logistics involved in getting that item to them!

Although the food industry is vast and global, there are still some very specific challenges to tackle. For example, food products require an accurate assessment of their shelf-life to avoid waste. To ensure the delivery of quality goods to  market in a timely manner, complex logistics must be deployed.

Moreover, the huge distances between producers and consumers can be exploited, resulting in low-quality food products reaching the consumer. National authorities must therefore devote a lot of effort to combat counterfeiting and fraud.


Currently, one of the foremost logistical obstacles facing fruit producers is the reality that their fruit must be harvested unripe in order to reach customers located many thousands of kilometres away.

In order to determine how ripe the produce is, a sample batch is typically subjected to multiple destructive tests. Even after this process, there is no guaranty that the rest of the fruit in the shipment was at the correct state of ripeness.

A much less destructive and more accurate alternative to this method of product testing can be found in the form of infrared (IR) cameras. These cameras can be employed both during the inspection process, serving as a valuable tool in laboratories dedicated to detecting fraudulent and counterfeit products. While very accurate, the IR cameras are extremely slow, requiring both plenty of time and a few destructive tests to produce the most accurate assessment of product quality. Regardless of the type of inspection, at least some destructive test is required to gauge quality; otherwise, the tests are entirely superficial.

Xspectra® detects

A unique solution patented by Xnext® that allows for a real-time identification of foreign bodies currently undetectable by other inspection technologies

We check it, you eat it!

XSpectra®: our new generation of X-ray inspection systems also applies to food safety. It is capable to detect both low- and high-density foreign bodies and contaminants with a high degree of accuracy.


XSpectra® represents a solution to the methods above, as it possesses a unique feature that allows it to determine the quality of produce through non-invasive X-rays. As previously indicated, in real time and directly on the production lines, the technology can detect foreign bodies like no other technology currently available Thanks to its unique properties (i.e. its capacity to characterise the chemical-physical components of the inspected materials), it can also assess the freshness and the shelf-life of food.

With its cutting-edge technology, XSpectra® enables one to control the entire production process, up to and including the entire bulk product (and not just a sample thereof). With comprehensive information about the quality and origin of the goods being sold, both producers and consumers will benefit and experience an increase in confidence. An added benefit of XSpectra® is the ability to improve logistics and reduce waste.


  • Increased food quality risks
  • Accurate shelf life evaluation of food
  • Complex logistics
  • Counterfeiting and fraud risks
  • Cost of negative corporate reputation
  • Increasing food safety and quality
  • Supporting food waste reduction
  • Fighting counterfeiting and fraud
  • Providing a cost-effective approach
  • Facilitating the production process and logistics
  • Increased focus on consumer protection
  • Preserving corporate reputation

Xspectra On-The-Spot

Prototype of the machine for the inspection and selection of chestnuts: it is the first and only machine in the world capable of assessing the conformity of produce with the quality requirements. The results obtained indicate whether the fruits are all right or diseased and worm-eaten, without opening them.

Xspectra On-The-Spot

Food Sample Test Results

Imagine that inside the product you are producing there is a plastic element that cannot be traced by a common X-ray inspection system.

In a single scan we can determine the chemical composition of any material, even those with a low density, such as perspex.

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